Maternity Services



Birth is the experience of a lifetime. We recognize birth to be a unique and individualized process. We provide a quality, caring environment to support mother, child and family.

Family-Centered Care

At Holy Cross Hospital, our goal is to provide family-centered maternity care. We believe that each family is unique, and the birth experience is a life-changing event that is a special time and will create lasting memories for your entire family.

As part of our Family Centered Maternity Care program, the baby is placed "skin to skin" on the mother’s chest immediately after birth.

The advantages of family-centered maternity care:

  • Care that promotes family bonding by adapting to the mother and baby.
  • Offers support to ensure more opportunities for successful breastfeeding.
  • Couplet care, which means both mom and baby will receive care from the same nurse while they are on the postpartum unit. With couplet care, the baby spends most of his/her time in the room with mom, instead of being separated from her in a nursery. Like encouraging early "skin to skin" contact, baby rooming in with mom encourages bonding and breast feeding. It also gives new parents the opportunity to get to know their baby.

For more information about our Family Centered Maternity Care program call 954-202-7332.

Our Suites

Each labor suite is equipped with advanced medical technology while still providing a comfortable home-like environment. Following the baby’s birth, you and your baby will stay in our 15-bed all private postpartum unit. While we encourage for babies to stay with Mom during post partum care, a nursery is available if needed.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our fully equipped Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides 24-hour monitoring of newborns in need of more intense medical supervision. Under the direction of Board Certified Neonatologists, our clinical team is staffed by nurses specially trained in newborn critical care.